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Helping Students Feel Safe on Campus

Helping Students Feel Safe on Campus

When disturbances on campus break out and become violent, it affects the entire community. The fear and anxiety that takes hold after an incident, particularly if it involved armed burglaries or sexual assault, has a negative impact on the quality of students’ lives and learning experience. For some, it can take weeks for them to feel safe again in their home away from home.

Campus police have learned that deploying a camera trailer is an immediate and visible response to an alarming incident that everyone can see. Targeted camera surveillance can also assist campus investigations and curb problems before they get out of hand. Unlike other surveillance systems that may be wired into buildings, a camera trailer like the MPS Commander 3400 can be moved where it’s needed at any time. This ability gives campus law enforcement a practical tool that serves several purposes: they can collect potential evidence for investigation, deter future incidents and show the community their safety and security is a priority.

Mobile Pro Systems has years of experience working with campus law enforcement professionals to provide the best solutions, training and support in the mobile surveillance business. If you need help with security challenges on campus, call 952-324-5645 today.