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Falcon 3100 Delivers Security+ for Public Buildings

Falcon 3100 Delivers Security+ for Public Buildings

Threats to courthouses and government complexes are becoming increasingly violent and concerning. While visitors are expected to pass-through metal detectors and security checks at entrances, open areas leading up to a building are particularly vulnerable. The Falcon 3100 compact camera trailer is a great fit for these spaces, and its advanced platform has the ability to support much more than surveillance:

  • Full integration with sophisticated camera analytics and gunshot detection
  • Two-way audio speakers deliver warnings, public emergency instructions and live communication
  • Extra lighting for night safety and clear video images

The physical presence of the trailer alone sends a strong message that the facility has tightened security measures in place. This elevates public confidence while discouraging bad actors who might see such a location as an easy target. Falcons set up quickly and will operate up to 10 or 12 days before requiring more fuel. If they have the solar panel option, a unit can run for even longer. Want to find out more about this versatile security solution? Solutions consultants are standing by to help: call 952-564-5656.

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