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Leading the Charge
Power on the Move

On an MPS camera trailer, the generator periodically recharges the battery banks that must provide an uninterrupted supply of electrical power to the entire system. For this reason, it’s critically important that a generator be dependable and suited for long-term operation. MPS offers both gasoline and diesel fuel generators to fit different environments and field uses. While each type of generator has its own benefits and advantages, MPS has carefully tested and selected only those generator brands that are up to the task and have proven to deliver consistent, reliable results.

Gasoline – Exceptionally Quiet for Public Spaces

Diesel – Highly Fuel Efficient & Longer Run Times

The generators, both gas and diesel, are controlled through our exclusive embedded MPStatus system that will only start the generator when a charge of the batteries is required and automatically shut off the generator when it is not needed. This not only conserves fuel, but also regulates the battery charging process to preserve battery life. When solar panels are added to a trailer, MPStatus controls their ability to supply power to the system too. The result is a mobile surveillance system that can be left unattended and maintain continuous operation for days.

Through the MPStatus.com web interface, you’re able to control the automated functionality of the generator and receive critical information such as total generator hours, fuel level, oil life, last run hours, and any error codes produced by the system. This information is always at your fingertips — no need for paper logs or guesswork — and allows you to schedule the periodic maintenance service required to keep your generator running smoothly for its entire life.

This post is part of the Power on the Move series which takes a deeper dive into how MPS mobile surveillance products regulate power for maximum efficiency and reliability. If you’d like to learn more, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to call us at 952-324-5645.