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Industrial Grade and American Made
MPS Edge of Difference

Industrial Grade - American Made

When it comes to quality and reliability, American-made products are exceptional and that’s especially true for mobile surveillance. While others may cut corners to save a few dollars by sourcing key parts or manufacturing from overseas, Mobile Pro Systems has held true to our company’s drive to create and sustain American jobs.

Every decision we make is guided by this commitment. If we can’t produce a component in our facility, we place a high priority on finding American manufacturers who can. Otherwise, we employ skilled, experienced technicians who work directly for us at our production facility in Minnesota. This allows us to have total quality-control over the finished product which in turn will last longer, perform better and provide a much higher ROI for our customers.

All MPS products are made with industrial grade materials and construction. They’re built to provide years of trouble-free service using a modular design that allows devices to be updated as technology evolves. If a new option is needed, you won’t have to send the unit back for factory refitting or purchase a newer model to get the features you may want down the road.

MPS Employs American Workers
MPS Camera Trailer Production

The MPS Edge of Difference series highlights the innovative product features that have made Mobile Pro Systems the industry leader in mobile surveillance engineering and design. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.