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Translating Video Analytics into Action
MPS Edge of Difference

Translating Video Analytics into ActionThe science behind video analytics continues to have a profound impact on surveillance technology and its ability to more effectively secure people and property. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning allow applications to screen objects in the camera’s viewport with greater precision and use more criteria to identify activity. Analytics can make sense of what the camera is “seeing” and recognize the difference between people, animals or vehicles; it can then be configured to ignore some events and set off alarms for others.

When smart cameras are paired with lights or audio deterrents on mobile surveillance equipment, they work together to create an impressive defense system against intruders and unwanted behavior. Our customers can access MPStatus & Control, a user-friendly dashboard, to control which events recognized by the camera should trigger related actions. These might include sending alerts, automatically activating alarms or playing recorded audio messages.

In addition to making analytics easier to put into action, customers can choose the cameras and video analytics applications that work best for them. For example, if a city already has a camera surveillance network, it can continue to use the same applications with our mobile surveillance equipment. On the other hand, businesses who are acquiring mobile surveillance for the first time may want to explore what’s available and have our team help them weigh the pros and cons of different options.

With Mobile Pro Systems, helping customers tailor a surveillance solution is not only possible, it’s what our solutions consultants do best. To learn more about how you can put the latest surveillance technology to work for you, call 952-324-5645 today.

The MPS Edge of Difference series highlights the innovative product features that have made Mobile Pro Systems the industry leader in mobile surveillance engineering and design. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.