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There’s No System Like a Mobile Pro System

From the early days–setting up one of our first Commander 3400 camera trailers.

From the early days–setting up one of our first Commander 3400 camera trailers.

When we decided to build our first camera trailer over 10 years ago, we had been searching for one for our own use without success.  The products on the market at the time just didn’t make much sense for how someone would actually use them.  We knew from the outset there was much more potential for mobile surveillance design than strapping cameras to a pole on wheels or stuffing wires in a box.

To start, power needed to flow continuously and efficiently to the cameras and other devices so it could operate for longer than a few days. Units would also need to reliably function in environmental conditions that could become extreme. Sensitive components like battery packs and electronics would need protection from heat, cold, wind and dust. We wanted it to have hassle-free operation and require as little maintenance as possible. To that end, we soon realized how valuable it would be if we could see a trailer’s operating status through an online interface without having to check a trailer in the field. In short, it wasn’t going to be enough to simply improve the design of a basic camera trailer, what we needed was a mobile surveillance system.

What we didn’t know is that our hard-won efforts would put our products in a league of their own, and we’re proud to say they still are. Other manufacturers can suggest they match our engineering and design principles, but we haven’t found one yet that actually does. When you need robust defense capabilities, full control of the operating system, unmatched reliability and durability, and real results in real situations—a collection of devices hanging from a pole on a wheeled base won’t cut it. Because the truth is, by the time you find out your mobile surveillance equipment isn’t up to the job, it’s too late.

That’s what our customers tell us and why they end up calling us after spending time and money on something else. What surprises them the most? With products from Mobile Pro Systems, they get a system that will last and still costs less to operate than what our competitors are offering.

When it comes to mobile surveillance, we understand it can be hard to sort out the differences and know what you really need. Any time you need our help, you can reach out to us at 952-324-5656.

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