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Surveillance with Synergy

Surveillance with Synergy

Whether it’s a utility substation, a building project under construction or a large campus of research or academic facilities, no two sites are exactly like another. While traditional CCTV camera systems may work well inside finished buildings, there are many cases where entrances, exits, gates, perimeters or other areas present a security risk and cannot be connected by cable to existing systems.

All MPS mobile surveillance products will operate as fully functional standalone units and can be deployed as independent surveillance systems. They can also be integrated into existing surveillance systems and use the same Video Management System (VMS) a business may already have. But our trailers, towers and mounted systems have another option: they can be configured to work as a group at one site using the MPS Defense System. This creates an extremely flexible solution that can be tailored to any location with the ability to arm and disarm units at the same time.

How it Works

A user will arm the system using a local card reader, web security portal, or cell phone application. All MPS Defense System devices include a daylight visible Security Status Indicator that provides a clear indication of the site’s security status. When the system is armed, the indicators display yellow for “Armed” status on each device. If movement or a breach is detected, the entire site is placed onto an “Alarm” status and the indicator lights display red. The device that sensed the motion will be flashing red. During this time deterrents may flash or sound and notifications may be delivered via text, email or the MPStatus & Control online interface. Authorized personnel can view the site remotely and take further action; or if it turns out to be a false alarm, the entire site can be reset and put back into “Armed” status.

For more information about how Mobile Pro Systems can help you customize a truly flexible security solution for any site, call 952-324-5656.

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