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When Construction Site Security is an Inside Job

When Construction Security an Inside JobIt’s no secret that construction site theft is often an inside job. At the end of the day, tools can walk out with workers or other opportunists who gain access to poorly lit and unsecured interior spaces. Under those conditions, thousands of dollars worth of materials can disappear in mere minutes.

The MPS Sentinel tower is a self-contained mobile surveillance system that’s designed to defend large spaces. It’s extremely portable so you can set it up or move it exactly where you need it, when you need it. When armed, the unit provides 360 degree motion detection and video recording. If this ring of defense is breached, the Sentinel can be configured to sound alarms, play voice recorded warnings and trigger super bright LED strobes to startle intruders and send them running.

More Smart Features and Options

  •  Fully automated defense functionality
  •  GPS location/notification if the unit is moved 500’
  •  Automated time-lapse video for project tracking
  •  Notification of power loss and 12-hour battery backup
  •  Card reader/keypad for worker check-in and on-site arming
  •  2TB video storage
  •  Full search access for stored video
  •  Motion analytics
  •  Audio recording/two-way audio
MPS Sentinel Tower with Card Reader Keypad
Every building project needs protection. As long as job sites are vulnerable to theft and vandalism, Mobile Pro Systems will keep innovating mobile surveillance products that have proactive defense features. For more information about the Sentinel and our other Construction surveillance solutions, call 952-324-5645 today.