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Managing Mobile Surveillance: What You Need to Know

Managing Mobile Surveillance What You Need to Know

As you compare your options for purchasing or leasing mobile surveillance equipment, you’ll want to take into account how long you’ll need it and who will be responsible for deploying and maintaining your system. Rental options offer different packages of service that range from drop-off, set-up and basic instruction to a white-glove solution complete with off-site monitoring services. When you own your equipment, you’ll set it up, maintain it and periodically check on the video recordings yourself or contract with a service to monitor it for you–but you’re not on your own.

Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone!

As with any technology, there is a learning curve for operating surveillance equipment. So if you’re certain you only need it for a few months, spending the extra dollars for a hands-off approach makes sense. You should be aware, though, this is an expensive option that will add up fast. Investing in your own unit and learning how to operate it can save you lots of money in the long run — and produce better surveillance outcomes for you along the way.

A Mobile Pro Systems surveillance platform is designed for field use by its owner–no special technicians required. We’ve made managing and controlling your equipment intuitive, hassle-free and easy to learn.

A unique feature of a Mobile Pro Systems surveillance platform is that each unit monitors itself and sends real-time data to your online MPStatus Dashboard that you can view at any time. The equipment maintains constant situational awareness and if something needs your attention, it will notify you via text or email. If you need help, we have first-class, American workers you can call for assistance. They can troubleshoot any problem, on the spot, as our exclusive MPStatus application gathers specific data that allows our technical support team to see exactly what is happening and has happened, down to the second.

You’ll also use the MPStatus Dashboard to configure device settings such as when deterrence features are active. One of the most important advantages of learning how to operate surveillance equipment is that when you’re in control, you can quickly make adjustments. If your security requirements change, you can easily view what your unit is set to do and alter it. MPStatus will log each action an authorized user makes, so if there’s any question about why a change was made or who made it, you’ll see it clearly.

The more you learn about how your equipment works and what you can do with it, the more security benefits you’ll see from your investment. Your custom surveillance solution from Mobile Pro Systems is built from the ground up and configured to give you maximum ROI. We think that’s a win-win proposition for any business.

The Purchase vs. Lease series examines the differences between owning or renting mobile surveillance equipment and the implications each of these approaches can have for your business. If you need help sorting out your options, our solutions consultants are experts at listening and guiding you to the solution that works best for you: call 952-324-5656.

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