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Keep the Water Flowing
The Agribusiness Challenge

MPS News: Keep the Water Flowing

Water is a precious commodity in many parts of the country; and where irrigation is vital for growing crops, keeping the water flowing is essential to agribusiness owners. For many years, the copper used in irrigation systems has been a target for theft. Unfortunately, severe drought conditions in the Southwest have created another threat for farmers: people are tapping into sources and stealing the water itself.

Farm and ranch operations are appealing to thieves because they can easily work undetected in sparsely populated areas. Insurance companies and law enforcement strongly recommend camera monitoring, but traditional surveillance systems are nearly impossible to deploy in these remote locations. MPS offers many types of mobile surveillance products that can fill the gap: pole and wall mounted units, camera trailers, gate and license plate reader pedestals. Most importantly, they are mobile systems that can be moved around to accommodate changing security requirements.

Mobile surveillance solutions from MPS allow agribusiness owners to check on remote property and equipment any time they like and provide recorded video evidence to law enforcement when needed. For more information, call 952-324-5645 today.