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Bracing for More Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Bracing for More Threats to Critical Infrastructure

The recent Nord Stream pipeline leaks sent shock waves around the world. No one believes the underwater explosions that released up to 300 million metric tons of methane into the Baltic Sea was an accident.  In addition to having a harmful impact on the environment, the blasts were a chilling reminder that critical infrastructure sabotage is a very real and immediate threat.

While most people think of cyber hackers who take critical systems offline and demand ransom, terrorists and adversaries know that directly attacking energy transmission and production sites will inflict much greater harm. Although this time the intention was to rattle the EU, future attacks could potentially target North America and the miles of pipeline connecting energy sources from Canada throughout the U.S.

Security experts agree there’s no ironclad measure that could protect all lines at all times, but minimizing risk and strategically securing vulnerable points is a necessary step. Pipeline routes can be especially challenging to secure because they’re mostly located in very remote areas. The Commander 3400 camera trailer is a proven long-term mobile security solution that oil and gas producers are using to add monitoring capability where it was not possible before.

Well suited for use in isolated regions, the Commander 3400 is a self-generating power platform that can efficiently operate for weeks without refueling. Enclosed in a rugged, durable housing, the system is designed to regulate itself and adapt to environmental conditions for smooth, continuous operation. The Commander 3400 is the only system available that offers a heat recovery option to keep the internal components warm in cold weather. Using the MPStatus & Control dashboard, personnel can check on the trailer’s operating functions from anywhere via the internet.  They can also receive notifications and alerts about unusual activity around the trailer or from other motion sensors that link back to the unit.

Whenever sabotage strikes, it’s imperative to have the ability to act quickly and respond early to disturbances. The Commander 3400 is a true mobile security solution that adds proactive defense as well as a reliable and interactive remote surveillance platform. For more information about Mobile Pro Systems’ innovative solutions for oil and gas industries, call 952-324-5656 today.

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