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Hardening Substations Against Security Threats

Hardening Substations Against Security Threats

Following the string of substation attacks last year, DHS and FBI have been keeping an even closer eye on extremist groups. Reports say these groups are using online forums to share detailed plans that specifically discuss how to use guns to attack electric power stations. Considering the widespread damage that disrupting a region’s power supply can do, authorities are also concerned these methods may be used against other critical infrastructure sites.

There are more than 55,000 substations across the U.S. in mostly remote, rural areas. Hardening security at these locations will take a lot of effort, and it is not simply about infusing more cash into programs and equipment. The real challenge is to add measures that will effectively detect intrusion so authorities can apprehend the culprits and prevent them from carrying out their schemes. To this end, advancements in gun detection and A.I. recognition technology are very promising and already exist. The question is how to get this technology on substation sites and utilize it to reduce threats.

The Sentry mounted surveillance system is a practical way for utilities to achieve that goal, and it can be deployed at any time. Here are just some of the features that make the Sentry the most flexible, reliable mounted remote surveillance system available:

Advanced technology support with the ability to integrate cutting-edge A.I. cameras and sensors for precise detection of motion and gunfire sound. Detected events can trigger real-time alerts, alarms, or adjustment of the camera’s position to target the location of movement or gunfire.  If two-way audio systems are deployed on the unit, authorities can use them to communicate directly to intruders at the scene. Each Sentry is built to a customer’s specifications to create a surveillance system that uniquely fits the environment being monitored.

Continuous operation during critical events. If the local power supply is disrupted for any reason, battery backups immediately take over to keep a Sentry functioning for an extended period of time. In addition to managing alerts and notifications, the MPStatus Dashboard continually monitors the operating status of each unit and sends SMS or email notifications to proactively inform authorized personnel of any condition that might impair a unit’s capabilities.

MPS Sentry Pole-Mounted Surveillance System

Self-contained, independent mounting and placement. The Sentry can be mounted on poles, fences or buildings and easily moved if necessary to achieve better camera or sensor coverage. Sentries operate as fully independent units, but they can also be set up to create their own network and communicate with each other.

In addition to providing on-site surveillance, Sentries are also excellent systems to deploy along roadways and intersections leading to a power station outpost. Camera A.I. detection can be programmed to look for vehicles turning into roads that lead to substations and send that info to the MPStatus Dashboard to dispatch early warning alerts.

Every substation is vulnerable. With the Sentry system, taking proactive steps to strengthen security now is not only possible, it’s affordable and hassle-free to implement. Call 952-324-5656 to find out why the Sentry should be a part of your substation security action plan.

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