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Rethinking Security Outside the Stadium

Commander 3400 at Met Life Stadium for Super Bowl

Thanks to the NFL, many more stadiums could soon be transformed into mass vaccination sites to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Empty arenas have much to offer public health organizations as they race to expand vaccination and testing: acres of space inside and out. Plus most are accessible via public transit and are fully equipped to accommodate hundreds as they pass through. The external premises are also well-suited for drive-through operations where traffic can be efficiently routed to offer testing and other services.

Designed to accommodate thousands of cheering fans at larger than life sporting events and concerts, stadiums have also been forced to rethink how to endure the pandemic and beyond. Because large venues are the ultimate congregate setting, reopening at anything near full capacity may not be possible for many months. This has caused some teams to consider enhancing parking lots and other areas to provide fans with an outdoor tailgating option where they could watch the game on big screens.

Whether these changes are temporary or become permanent, security issues will certainly be a part of the planning process going forward. Because Mobile Pro Systems has experience in providing mobile security at large stadium events, we know mobile surveillance is a smart choice. MPS mobile products have proven to be a practical and cost-effective way to strengthen security measures. They also provide a host of benefits not available from traditional surveillance systems, such as:

Flexibility – Trailers and mounted units can be moved to meet the security needs of each event. Mobile Pro Systems has a number of innovative products for securing gates and entry points which can include Automated License Plate Recognition technology.

Visibility – Camera trailers send a reassuring message to visitors that proactive monitoring is taking place.

Minimal Installation Requirements – Trailers can be deployed anywhere at anytime. MPS mounted Power Sentry units can easily be connected to existing power sources on poles or buildings.

Independent Operation – Power Sentry mounted units can operate off scheduled power at night and use battery back-up during the day or in the event power is disrupted. All trailers generate and can sustain their own power for days or several weeks without re-fueling.

Remote Accessibility – Security personnel and law enforcement have online access to live or recorded video via smart phone, tablet or laptop. Through the MPStatus & Control system, operating function of the unit itself can also be monitored.

Audio and Detection Options – One and two-way audio devices can be added to communicate instructions or warnings if unwanted activity is detected. Motion detectors can be added or wirelessly linked to trailers and Power Sentries to further secure restricted areas with alarms and pre-recorded warnings.

Any venue, large or small, that is called to serve the public or extend its event space to outdoor areas can use mobile surveillance to enhance security in an affordable, highly adaptive way. When your team is looking for security options, our team has the experience to help. Call 952-324-5656 today.

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