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ARPA Grants Help Cities Bolster Public Safety Programs

ARPA Grants Help Cities Bolster Public Safety Programs
Cities, counties and states are applying for funds provided by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) and using them to restore lost revenue and contend with the lasting fallout from the pandemic. One of the most serious impacts has been the loss of law enforcement, firefighters and emergency personnel due to illness or attrition. Some jurisdictions have lost up to a third of their full-time officers. Considering how crime and gun violence have been increasing on the same timeline, communities are facing real public safety challenges as they work toward recovery.

When communities invest in alternative preventive policing measures, such as mobile surveillance trailers and mounted units, they expand the services they need to provide and also lighten the load for overworked staffs. Because ARPA grants are still available, requests to fund new technology and equipment can give agencies the ability to:

  • Remotely view areas during periods of high crime or to assist with 911 calls
  • Review recorded footage to help develop leads and information needed in investigations
  • Deploy MPS hybrid powered camera trailers for extended periods of time with no need to move them for maintenance or charging
  • Make additional cameras available for precincts to use in hotspots to deter crime and provide situational awareness due to the decrease in staffing

MPS camera trailers and mounted Power Sentries are solid, long-term investments that any law enforcement agency can put to use right away. They’re designed to last years, can be integrated with existing camera and communication systems, and be upgraded as technology and needs evolve. Best of all, MPS equipment is easy to transport and set up with little maintenance required–a true force-multiplier in every way.

Our knowledgeable Solutions Consultants are standing by to provide information and quotes for the mobile surveillance equipment that ARPA grants can help you acquire. Call 952-324-5645 today.