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Substation Surveillance: Not Just for Emergencies

MPS News Substation Security - Not Just for Emergencies
Day to day, all may appear to run smoothly at utility substations until one day–it doesn’t. Piecing together what went wrong following an incident, especially if it involves employee or public safety, can be more complicated than simply reviewing a video record of what happened at the time. Conducting visual spot checks via mobile surveillance reminds everyone that site monitoring is on-going and not just for break-ins or emergencies. It also allows authorized personnel and management teams to proactively assess how consistently safety and security procedures are being followed.

At Mobile Pro Systems, we believe mobile surveillance products should be simple to use and accessible for everyday use if need be. Information is always at your fingertips using a state-of-the-art video management system with remote live or recorded viewing from any laptop, tablet or smart phone. The same is true for our exclusive MP Status & Control service, so you can be assured your equipment is operating properly.

MPS produces a wide variety of innovative mobile surveillance products to fit nearly every type of substation setting. From Commander 3400 and Falcon 3100 camera trailers to mounted Power Sentries, gate access and tower systems, you can be confident that we have the right product to do the job.