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MPS Conducts On-Site Training for Utility

MPS Conducts On-Site Training for UtilityJeron Stiffler, Sr. Solutions Consultant, recently conducted on-site training at a large utility for their new MPS CheckPoint mobile guard shacks and Commander 3400 surveillance trailers. The surveillance equipment was acquired to enhance security at laydown yards where critical materials and equipment are stationed during large power restoration projects.

Utility Team Member Installs Camera
A corporate team member handily installs a surveillance camera on one of their new MPS CheckPoint mobile guard shacks.

MPS Classroom Training for Utility

The day started in the classroom where Jeron provided an overview, discussed important points of deployment and fielded questions about the equipment and MPStatus & Control system.

Then the team headed outside for several hours of hands-on training where they had the chance to work directly with the equipment and practice setting up the units.

On-site events are an efficient way to introduce mobile surveillance equipment to large groups and have been a great success for Mobile Pro Systems’ utility customers.

When winter storms, tornadoes or wildfires cause extensive damage and leave thousands without power, laydown yards and base camps allow restoration teams to work efficiently in the field. Protecting copper wire and other materials from theft at these remote sites is critical to a utility’s mission to get customers back on line as quickly as possible. To learn how MPS mobile surveillance can help, call 952-324-5645.