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Warehouse Security: A Vulnerable Link in the Supply Chain

Warehouses A Vulnerable Link in the Supply Chain

Facilitating the secure transfer of goods from manufacturer to consumer is no small task. The surge in e-commerce platforms and consumer direct delivery options means more goods are flowing through more facilities than ever before. The pressure to process, transfer and deliver goods as swiftly as possible is increasing; unfortunately, this can create vulnerabilities in the supply chain that are susceptible to theft. Federal agencies state report cargo theft losses are at least $25,000,000 per year. Reported losses are the minimum as a significant amount of cargo theft goes unreported because centers fear insurance premium increases or simply don’t have enough evidence for law enforcement to track and pursue thieves.

“Thefts at warehouses were the most common in third-quarter 2018, and 19 percent of cargo thefts in third-quarter 2018 took place at a warehouse location.”

CargoNet® Command Center

Warehouses are frequent targets, especially during holiday weekends when trucks are parked and unattended. Adding mobile surveillance to fenced yard locations or gated entrances can deter thieves scouting for opportunities to strike as well as provide 24/7 recorded video of activity in the area.*

For example, the MPS Gate Sentry can be posted at entrances and also be configured to support card-reader/key-pad access for personnel, two-way audio communication for remote conversation, motion sensors and alarms. To aid the task of accurately logging incoming and outgoing freight vehicles, the ALPR Pedestal is an all-in-one license plate reader and recognition tower which captures plates images. These images can then be cross-checked with company records to verify authorized traffic. The data can also be stored and referenced as needed to comply with state and federal regulations.

The MPS Power Sentry is another effective mobile platform which can be mounted on buildings overlooking docks or on poles around storage yards to add surveillance around the perimeter of sites. These units can operate on shore, scheduled, solar or battery power to extend the benefits of remote viewing and recorded video to otherwise less accessible locations. They also can be equipped with motion sensors and deterrence options for extra defense.

For more information about these and other smart mobile surveillance solutions for warehouse locations and distribution centers, call 952-324-5656.

*Security Magazine recently published an informative article, “Eyes on the Warehouse,” which explains how VMS and video analytics are being used to reduce loss and improve operational efficiencies at warehouses and distribution centers.

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