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It’s Always Open Season on Heavy Equipment

Its Open Season on Heavy Equipment

There’s an ongoing joke up north that there are really only two seasons: winter and construction. Unfortunately, whenever or wherever construction season is in full swing, heavy equipment hunters are out in full force too. A quick look at a recent list of stolen machinery is enlightening: most of these thefts occurred overnight and on weekends when daily work had paused and workers were not on site. In some cases, the criminals found ways to work around existing security measures by simply cutting locks and disabling GPS tracking devices.

Deterrence is Your Best Defense

To be sure, all of the common heavy equipment loss prevention measures are smart things to do and many can certainly help increase the chances of recovering your property if it’s stolen. But none of these actions discourage thieves from targeting your site in the first place.

See, the reason criminals might possibly leave your operation alone boils down to one of two things: you either don’t have anything they want to steal or they can see the risk of getting caught is too great for them to take.

That’s where deploying the MPS Commander 3400 surveillance trailer in plain sight can make a difference.

How to Secure Heavy Equipment
MPS 3400 with Solar at Excavation Site

The Commander 3400 is large and its towering 36’ mast really stands out. At night, flood lights or strobes can draw attention to the fact that cameras are rolling.

And if by chance that’s not enough to convince someone to stay away, motion sensors can trigger piercing alarms and bursts of colored lights to send an unmistakable signal that remaining on the premises is not a good idea.

Mobile Pro Systems has years of experience in helping our construction customers defend their property and we are standing by and happy to help you do the same. If you want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out: 952-324-5645.