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Construction Sites Need More Than Cameras

Construction Sites Need More Than CamerasIt was a case growing cold fast. Late one night, video surveillance at a large urban commercial construction site recorded a man knocking down an entrance gate. He walked around, left the premises and an hour later returned with an accomplice. Shortly after the men entered the site again, police say the cameras went dark and $60,000 worth of equipment disappeared.

We don’t know all the details about what happened that night, but we do know if there had been an MPS Defense System in place, the first intrusion would have triggered an alert and there most likely would not have been a second one. Camera surveillance is essential, but early detection of unusual activity is the only way action can be taken when it can do the most good.

The MPS Defense System makes it possible to arm large areas of a site and detect intrusion from multiple points. Using a trailer or mounted Sentry as a base, the system monitors motion sensors from other units or individual sensors placed on fences and gates. These sensors can then trigger strobes, sirens, or flood lights on a unit to startle an intruder. At the same time, alerts are sent immediately to notify designated personnel a breach has occurred.

No other mobile surveillance products on the market today have more proactive deterrents to defend your building projects. If you need to take your construction site security to the next level, we’re here to help: 952-324-5656 today.