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Any Pole Can Be a Smart Pole with MPS Power Sentry

Any Pole Can Be a Smart Pole with MPS Power Sentry

Many communities across the U.S. are experiencing an increase in violent crime at a time when beleaguered law enforcement agencies are expected to do more with less. While officers are doing all they can to balance the demands of solving crimes and protecting their fellow citizens, surveillance cameras have proven their value on American streets both as a deterrent and as a boon to investigations that might otherwise go unsolved.

When cities are looking to expand their surveillance capabilities and update aging networks and systems, where do they start? There are so many camera systems to choose from and technology is advancing so fast. City managers must balance the needs and budgets they have today and yet keep an eye on what they may require in the future.

City Managers Ask: Can our city’s current infrastructure reasonably support additional devices? Will we need to add new cabling or replace light poles to take advantage of smart technologies? How much will that cost and how much time and resources will it consume?

At Mobile Pro Systems, we know the answers to these questions are not easy to sort through. That’s why the MPS Power Sentry is such a gamechanger: cities no longer have to adopt a costly all-or-nothing plan to have the surveillance and communications enhancements they need.

Real Options, Practical Solutions

The Power Sentry mounted surveillance camera system is incredibly flexible. Each unit can operate independently as a standalone system or it can be part of a network of other Power Sentries. If a city already has a surveillance system, the Power Sentry can be connected to existing networks through cellular, wifi, ethernet, or fiber which means cities can expand their capabilities seamlessly in a cost-effective way.

Deploy Surveillance Where It’s Needed, When It’s Needed

Most camera surveillance systems are designed to be permanently mounted and involve extra wiring, cabling, trenching or other disruptive and time-consuming installation requirements. The Power Sentry, on the other hand, can be mounted on a light pole or building and connected to electrical sources in common use  (90 – 277 volt AC). It’s as easy as installing the universal bracketing system, lifting the unit onto to the brackets, bolting the unit to the brackets, connecting the inputs to existing power sources, including a power tap on existing street lighting, and then turning the unit on.  It’s even possible to pre-install bracketing systems in several locations and move a Power Sentry to monitor temporary situations such as special or unexpected events.

Easy to Service and Upgrade

The Power Sentry is self-contained with internal components that can be switched out with ease. Its modular design greatly simplifies the task of adding to or upgrading the system. This reduces long-term service costs and takes the hassle out of keeping technologies up to date.

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Does your city need smart and cost-effective solutions to add or expand its surveillance and communications network? Call 952-324-5656 today to find out how the MPS Power Sentry can help.

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