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Historic River City Adds Citywide Surveillance

Historic River City Adds Citywide Surveillance

New Power Sentry camera surveillance cameras were recently installed around Hudson, Wisconsin, a growing town in the St. Croix River Valley known for its historic architecture and thriving tourism industry. Cities like Hudson choose the Power Sentry because they can tailor a citywide surveillance plan that fits their specific public safety and crime reduction goals. It’s an incredibly flexible option for communities whether they have an existing surveillance network in place or are starting fresh.

Unlike other surveillance systems which require running miles of cables to each pole where cameras are needed, each Power Sentry is an independent unit that provides a number of benefits not possible with traditional systems:

No minimum units required. Cities can deploy one, a few, or dozens now and add more down the road.

Individual units can be customized for their intended purpose and location. For example, monitoring intersections with high-accident rates may require different cameras or technologies than a business district dealing with burglaries. With the Power Sentry, cities don’t have to settle for a solution that may cost them more than they need in some places and leave their surveillance capabilities lacking in others.

They can be used to create other networks without having to install or maintain separate physical connections or cables. Power Sentries use advanced technologies to add communications networks for law enforcement, utilities, Wi-Fi and more. If networks need to be extended into other areas in the future, simply add more units.

An automated battery back-up option allows the unit to keep operating during power disruptions. Many cities use scheduled power to their light poles to conserve energy. Power Sentries that have battery packs keep them charged during the hours that power is available and draw from the batteries when it is not for continuous operation. In the case of longer outages during storms or if a pole is damaged, the batteries will keep a unit functioning for two to three days.

Power Sentries can be integrated with existing surveillance systems or networks. There’s no one video management system that must be used with MPS products. They can be configured to use the same video management system that may already be in place. And like all MPS products, users have access to a convenient online dashboard to view the status and settings for all units. Personnel can quickly locate a Power Sentry and check its operating status and update settings and notifications.

The Power Sentry opens new possibilities for communities to add citywide surveillance in a smart, cost-effective way that puts their goals before anything else. If you’d like to explore your options, our solutions consultants will guide you every step of the way: 952-324-5656.

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