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Fighting the Roaring Business of Auto Crime

Commander 3400 camera trailer at a Park & Ride commuter lot.

Commander 3400 camera trailer at a Park & Ride commuter lot.

The engine turns over and there’s no mistaking that sound. When you hear that roar, you know instantly that your vehicle’s catalytic converter has been ripped off. For owners it’s a costly repair and a pain to replace. For law enforcement it’s become just one of the auto crimes that have skyrocketed in the past few years.

The problem is so serious and widespread, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) devoted most of its summer 2022 issue of The Informer to “The Staggering Rise in Auto Crime.” The NICB reports that all types of auto crimes are spiraling out of control including carjackings, stolen vehicles, catalytic converter theft and even gasoline theft from gas stations and individual cars. They attribute the rise in auto crime to pressures on the global supply chain that have driven prices up for vehicles, gasoline and precious metals in catalytic converters. Unfortunately, these incidents are also piling on to the workload of law enforcement agencies who are already understaffed and serving with limited resources.

MPS mobile surveillance products can save officers and investigators time by having remote video access to check on lots and recorded activity that can produce evidence for prosecutions. When placed in large retail, business or park and ride lots, the Commander 3400 and Falcon 3100 surveillance trailers signal a strong police presence. The ALPR Pedestal license plate recognition system can be deployed near lot entrances or scrap metal dealers to monitor incoming traffic and hone in on suspects. The Power Sentry mounted units add sophisticated video surveillance to buildings or lot poles providing sharper images of activity below.

Falcon 3100 Surveillance Trailer
Falcon 3100 Surveillance Trailer
MPS ALPR Pedestal at Lot Entrance
ALPR Pedestal at Lot Entrance
MPS Power Sentry Surveillance for Parking Lots
MPS Power Sentry

Mobile Pro Systems works closely with law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to provide them with the high-tech mobile surveillance tools they need to fight crime. For more information, call 952-324-5656 today.

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