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Boosting Emergency Management Resources with Mobile Surveillance

Law enforcement and emergency teams are tasked with creating contingency plans for all types of public crises. They know the hard work and planning is necessary, even if it’s done years in advance and hopefully never has to be implemented. For example, in 2010 the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) issued guides for helping agencies develop a pandemic flu plan. The guides presented an almost unimaginable worst-case scenario for community policing and emergency response during a major public health crisis. Yet that ‘what-if’ proposal from years ago is quickly becoming today’s reality as the COVID-19 virus rapidly spreads.

As the PERF report noted, one factor of a public health crisis that sets it apart from other disasters is that communities are called upon to deliver services with reduced ‘boots on the ground’ due to quarantine and illness:

“In the past, all-hazards planning mainly focused on physical damage as a result of man-made or naturally-occurring critical incidents. However, the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina taught us that all-hazards planning must include preparing for the temporary or permanent loss of human resources as well. Preparing for the loss of human resources is central to effective planning for a public health emergency. Law enforcement must be aware of the effect that a large-scale public health incident could have on department personnel and, therefore, on the ability of the department to operate effectively. ” Law Enforcement Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies: An Executive Summary of the Resources Series

At the time PERF issued their guidelines, mobile surveillance was in early stages of use and development. Since then, Mobile Pro Systems has been the industry leader in product design and power platform technology. We’ve successfully created practical methods for deploying trailers and other camera systems so they’re as easy to setup and operate as possible. This results-oriented approach means our units can serve communities and provide value in everyday policing while also being on hand to mobilize during emergencies. And today, simply having the ability to allow quarantined officers to monitor locations from home is an option that was barely feasible a decade ago.

Here are a few of the standard features that make our products particularly suited to assisting with emergency situations:

  • Minimal technical skill required for any product setup including tool-less one-person setup for camera trailers.
  • Efficient camera trailer operation for days or weeks without refueling.
  • Remote control of operating status and configuration of trailer settings via the MPStatus & Control application.
  • Real-time viewing from any smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Smart Search video management tools to find events of interest in recorded video.
  • Rapid deployment and ability to quickly move units to other locations as situations evolve.

MPS can also equip units with many options such as two-way audio for remote communication, license plate recognition devices, card readers and keypads to track emergency site traffic and digital message sign boards (trailers).

Mobile Pro Systems is committed to providing all the support you need to add mobile surveillance to your emergency preparedness plans. To learn more, call 952-324-5645 today.

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