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When Cameras Are Not Enough

The 3400 trailer provides exceptional deterrence with lights, strobes and auditory alarms.

Mobile video surveillance is fast becoming a core security practice employed by nearly every industry. It provides vital evidence when losses occur to prosecute thieves and vandals, and when monitored live, can allow businesses to take action immediately.

When thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, tools, and assets are at risk, deterrence and loss prevention should be the first goal in securing your location or site. There’s no question that visible cameras make criminals pause and think twice — if they spot them — which might not be so easy in the dark or in large open areas. It only takes a few minutes, however, for valuables ‘to walk’ off a construction site or out of a building, even if a visit is prematurely cut short because an intruder realizes he or she is being recorded. Ideally, you want intruders to realize they’ve been detected before they can get anywhere near their intended targets.

MPS Defense Systems Stop Them in Their Tracks

Mobile Pro Systems’ power platforms have deterrent features built-in that include motion sensors, siren alerts or alarms, recorded messages, and bright flashing or strobe lights. Sophisticated motion sensors can protect up to 80 ft. areas and detect human movement which triggers the defense alarms and lights. The effect is instant and startling, completely disrupting a trespasser’s focus and most will simply flee the scene as fast as they can.

When a security breach occurs, you can receive text alerts and allow you to evaluate the situation and act quickly. If you don’t respond, your monitoring service will be notified. With Mobile Pro’s exclusive MP Status and Control application, you have total control over arming/disarming the system and this can be scheduled as well.

Superior Flexibility

As a construction building project progresses, the self-powered units are easily moved and redeployed to provide effective protection—even before power may be available for other hard-wired alarm systems. If break-ins and threats are reported in your area, you can adjust your defense plan accordingly, without the need to hire special technicians or disrupt your everyday operations.

For further information about Mobile Pro Systems’ Defense products, please see Defender 3400, Defender 6000, and our new comprehensive MPS Defense System; or call 952-324-5656 for a free consultation.

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