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MPS Commander 3400 Helps Secure Red Bull Flutag 2019

The MPS Commander 3400 camera trailer was on hand to assist with security measures at this year’s Red Bull Flutag competition held in St. Paul, Minnesota. Thousands of spectators gathered at Harriet Island Park and lined the banks of the Mississippi river to watch teams launch homemade ‘flying’ gliders from a 30-foot platform over the water.

When events like the Red Bull Flutag come to town, mobile surveillance helps law enforcement meet the challenge of keeping crowds as safe as possible. Cities are eager to host events like these because of the boost in revenue they bring to local businesses. But open, outdoor events are also less likely to have a single entrance or well-defined perimeter for security officials to plan around.  Here the MPS Commander 3400 camera trailer was setup alongside a main walkway in the park to provide surveillance from the center of activities.