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Plug and Play Operation, Future-Proof Design
MPS Edge of Difference

Plug and Play Operation Future-Proof DesignMobile Pro Systems products are uniquely designed for hands-on use by their owners. We’ve made interacting with the system easy, intuitive and straightforward so users can rapidly deploy them without needing to rely on third-party technicians. Cameras and devices can be added or removed from the mast with plug-and-play ease. For most tasks, tools are not required during setup or when preparing a unit for transport to another location.

Every cable terminal and its corresponding connector port is clearly labeled, including pre-wired locations for devices you may not need now but could add in the future. Making changes or upgrades to your platform is hassle-free.

When you use MPStatus & Control to check your equipment, each camera or device is easily matched with its status. We use consistent naming and placement throughout the system, so there’s never any guesswork on your part.

MPStatus View on Cell Phone

The MPS Edge of Difference series highlights the innovative product features that have made Mobile Pro Systems the industry leader in mobile surveillance engineering and design. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.