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Lighten the Load of Record-Keeping with MPS ALPR Pedestal

Tracking transport vehicles in and out of a site is an important requirement for many industries. One way to enhance your audit trail is to implement automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology. ALPRs capture a plate image which can be cross-checked with company records to verify authorized traffic. The data can also be stored and referenced as needed to comply with state and federal regulations.

09-20 MPS ALPR Pedestal at Warehouse Dock

For years, ALPR technology was not simple to setup and mostly available to police or state patrol. We thought that should change and the ALPR Station was created. Everything is housed in one pre-configured tower designed to place cameras at the perfect height and angle for optimal recognition. No guesswork or trial and error involved. We also offer ALPR options on the CheckPoint Mobile Guard Shack, Gate Sentry and Commander 3400 trailer platforms. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.