Commander 3400

Full-Sized Mobile Surveillance Trailer and Power Platform

Tested and Trusted By Law Enforcement and Security Professionals

Full-Sized Mobile Surveillance Trailer and Power Platform

The Commander 3400 mobile surveillance trailer powers the security, network and communications technologies you want and need. Perfect for rapid or temporary deployment; rugged enough for long-term use in the field. Ideal for law enforcement, crowd control, military, emergency management, transportation/DOTs, education, mining, construction, and more.


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Key Features

Advanced Interactive Dashboard

Advanced MPStatus dashboard application provides interactive SMS and email notifications, health stats, and full control of your system’s integrated technologies.

Self-Sustaining Hybrid Power Supply

Smart hybrid power system with battery, solar, and autonomous back-up generator with 20-gallon fuel supply.

Fast & Simple Deployment System

Simple tool-free deployment, powered mast, and single-switch operation. Protect cameras and other equipment within the trailer body.

Tall Stabilized Mast

Plug and play rotatable mast allows increased stability at a 33 ft. vantage point.

Extreme Weather Package

Optional insulation and heat recovery package keeps equipment running efficiently in extreme environments.

Limitless Integration

Full software integration with any world-class camera, sensor or video management system.


  • Travel: 181” x 68” x 77” (LxWxH)
  • Deployed: 139″ x 90″ x 33 ft.
  • Gross weight rating: 3000 lbs.
  • 4 adjustable outriggers
  • Heavy duty tube steel frame
  • Industrial powder coat finish
  • Electric trailer brakes standard
  • 3500# torsion axle w/15″ wheels
  • DOT compliant


  • Exclusive mast stabilization system
  • 33 ft. 3-section telescoping mast
  • Rotatable mast
  • 10 flexible tool-free mounting locations
  • Top mast: 6 ethernet | 3 power | 2 control
  • Mid mast: 3 ethernet | 2 power | 3 control


  • 1300AH AGM battery system
  • Optional gasoline or diesel generator
  • 20 gallon fuel capacity
  • 110 VAC shore power input
  • 640W solar array
  • Dashboard monitored and controlled circuits
  • Flexible 12V and 24V adaptable outputs
  • 150W 110VAC pure sine wave output


  • Dual-locking door handles
  • Removable tongue
  • Removable outrigger handles
  • Door open sensor
  • Impact sensor
  • GPS with geo fencing
  • Internal camera & equipment storage


  • Interactive scheduling
  • Audio enabling
  • Event triggering
  • Remote arm and disarm
  • Autonomous generator
  • Thermal controlled enclosure
  • Battery reheat (optional)
  • Insulation package (optional)

Purpose-built for Durability, Performance and Safety

Our mobile surveillance systems are built to reliably deliver superior results year after year. Every aspect of the system has been carefully crafted and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance in real-world environments. Smart features promote user safety and trailer security during all stages of transport and deployment.

3400 Purpose Built Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Industrial Grade Construction

Mobile Pro Systems mobile surveillance products feature industrial grade construction
We use industrial-grade components and U.S. sourced steel for superior durability in even adverse or extreme environments. The trailer exterior is powder-coated to resist chipping that can invite rust. Body panels are closely-fit to create water and dust-proof seals to protect internal hardware.

Future-Proof Modular Design

Mobile surveillance products with future-proof modular design
Upgrading is easy. When new technologies or devices are wanted, the mast is pre-wired to accept new hardware.

Superior Trailer Stability

Camera trailers from Mobile Pro Systems have superior mast and base stability

When the unit is deployed, the physical stability of the trailer is paramount. If a trailer is buffeting in wind, the camera images will not be clear and cause the system to store more video data. To counter this common issue, we developed a proprietary mast design that uses gapless mast section methodologies resulting in the most stable mast system on the market. In addition, the trailer’s outriggers can be adjusted from 5′, 7.5′ or 10′ to create a robust stance during deployment.

Road Ready for Safe Transport

The Commander 3400 is road ready for safe transport

The Commander 3400 is D.O.T. compliant and comes with electric brakes as a standard feature. Preparing the unit for travel is as easy as lowering the mast, removing cameras for secure storage in the trailer body, folding down and locking embedded solar panels.

Built-In Security Features

The Commander 3400 has built-in security features

  • Internal camera & equipment storage
  • Dual-Locking Door Handles
  • Removable Tongue
  • Removable Outrigger Handles
  • Door Open Sensor
  • Impact Sensor
  • GPS with GEO Fencing

Extreme Weather Package Option

MPS 3400 Insulation Package

The Commander 3400 mobile security camera trailer has the option to totally insulate the body enclosure, including the floor. The insulation will maintain the temperature of the internal hardware for both hot and cold environments.

In cold environments, the primary source of heat is the generator system that will start if the enclosure temperature gets below 32°F. A heat vent system opens and floods the main enclosure with heat until it reaches 80°F. While the generator is operating during a normal charge cycle, the venting system will open if the main enclosure is below 50°F to bring the temperature up to 80°F.

In hot environments, the automated fan systems take air from below the unit where it is shaded, to cool the enclosure. If the environment is extreme, the system can support an air conditioner on the roof (if no solar panels) or on the rear wall (if solar panels are present). The generator will operate if cooling is called for.

3400 Self-Sustaining Hybrid Power System

Self-Sustaining Hybrid Power Supply

The Commander 3400 operates from a smart hybrid power system that includes two battery banks that are charged from solar panels, an autonomous back-up generator with 20-gallon fuel supply or both. All trailers also have shore power connections to plug the unit into a direct 120VAC electrical source when available.

The MPS Commander 3400 mobile security trailer has the ability to support up to 1200 Amp Hours of AGM battery storage and has a fully automatic generator system. Depending upon the equipment installed and the subsequent power load, a typical system can operate for up to 2 months with the generator system on only 20 gallons of fuel. The MPS Commander 3400 Power Platform can support up to 900W of solar panels, as well as operate on 120VAC shore power. These additional generation technologies, extend the deployment capabilities for a longer to indefinite length of time.

High Power Capabilities

The Commander 3400 security trailer has additional power availability for custom hardware configurations. The system has extra higher power low voltage (12vdc) receptacles that allows for high powered LED lighting, external inverters, higher power computers, cellular hardware and communications hardware.

Automatic Generator Charge System

3400 Gasoline Generator Side

The Commander 3400 mobile security camera trailer comes equipped with an embedded generator system that is used to maintain the battery modules. This embedded generator system is critical for maintaining operation during long deployments. The generator provides power for charging batteries and power for other equipment–even external to the system. Our generator system is fully automatic and reports status and faults through our MP Status web interface.

We offer both gasoline and diesel generator options – each with a fuel capacity of 20 US gallons.

3400 Diesel Generator

Solar RUN Charging System Option

3400 Solar RUN Charging System

When solar panels are deployed, the system will automatically draw power from the solar source as long as it is available.

The Commander mobile security trailer series optional solar system embeds on top of the main enclosure of the trailer offering a solar recharging system that can be transported with the trailer and deployed when needed.

The system is engineered with an easy to use ‘Fold and Go’ deployment system. The panels are durable and fold away face down for added security. The Solar system is large enough to RUN typical configurations continuously when environmental requirements are met.

Battery Power Storage

3400 Battery Power Storage

The MPS Commander battery system has 2 banks of batteries and treats them individually to maintain a normalized system and also provides far greater troubleshooting and monitoring of the status of the batteries capacity.

The MPS battery kit for the MPS Commander 3400 is a 1200 Amp Hour (15 kwh) stable and reliable power storage package that uses the latest in AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)– SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery technologies to provide the most reliable battery package possible.

The batteries themselves are classed as Top Performance using the most current technology in Lead based batteries. Each of the 12 batteries have a rating of 100ah@ 12vdc (100-hour discharge @ 1 amp). The batteries are specifically designed for long term energy storage with a very small internal discharge rate.

They have a full discharge cycle rate of up to 300 cycles. The temperature ratings of this battery are excellent where they can withstand extreme temperatures both high and low temperatures. They are sealed flame retardant batteries that have a very minimal to almost no gassing, guaranteeing a very low chance it the batteries to cause any corrosion throughout the system.

The batteries are top quality and along with the MPS control of the charging, discharge, and temperature control, it provides an excellent power retention source.

Battery Charge Regulation

The control of the Battery pack is extremely important. The MPStatus monitoring system controls these battery conditions.

Charge rate – monitors and limits the power going into the batteries

Charge stages – monitors and controls the 3 main stages of the batteries:

  • Bulk Charge – Low batteries, 80% of the main charge
  • Absorption Stage – Tops off the charge of the batteries
  • Float Stage – When the system is on shore power a float charge is applied

Charging indicators are monitored carefully especially when generator charging is applied. MPS monitors all of the voltages and currents into the batteries providing a maximum efficiency during battery charging.

Frequency of charging – MPS provides many technologies to maximize battery life. We closely monitor and control battery charging cycles with battery charging profiles. Typically seeing over 3-5 years is common with our systems.

Battery Temperature Control

Temperature control is critical in hot and cold environments. In our specifically optioned systems we provide options:

Hot environments – MPS includes a control system that monitors ambient temperatures and manages fans to ensure that the batteries can be maintained at the lowest temperatures. In addition, if the heat is extreme hot and they system needs a charge it will delay until night time to provide the least amount of stress on the batteries.

Cold environments – MPS excels at providing an insulating package that includes an engine heat recovery system that places excess heat from the generator and places it into the Battery compartment when needed. In addition, the Generator will be started to maintain battery temperature and offer charging.

Limitless Technology Integration

Mobile Pro Systems offers full integration with world-class cameras, sensors, deterrent devices and video management software.

All platforms are built to order with your custom requirements. Here are just a few of our technology partners:

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