Taking Generator Performance to the Next LevelMPS 2020 Product Redesign Series - Mobile Pro Systems

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Taking Generator Performance to the Next Level
MPS 2020 Product Redesign Series

MPS Camera Trailer Diesel Generator

The generator is one of the most important components within the camera trailer system. With the 2020 product redesign, we are doing more to ensure we better monitor and manage the generator. We’ve added advanced generator status notifications and error codes to provide users with more specific information about the generator’s operation. We improved tracking both generator total run hours and last run hours, along with events and notification for oil changes and fuel level notifications.

Here are the other significant changes we made to increase generator performance:

Separate Generator Crank Battery
Expanding on the dependability of our power platform, we now use a full-sized battery directly for starting of the generator. This battery is separately maintained for peak performance when needed. Now, even when the main battery store has been depleted, the generator and mast will operate efficiently.

Generator Air Management
New in 2020, we re-engineered our generator airflow for cooler running generators. In addition, we are using advanced materials to further separate generator and non-generator areas.

Updated Exhaust Systems
We re-engineered how the engines, both gasoline and diesel, manage exhaust fumes and temperatures with better sealing and more advanced exhaust components.

Diesel Generator Internal Temperature Indicator
We have changed the design of the diesel generator, incorporating a reportable head temperature directly within the water jacket. This provides a more accurate indication of how the generator is operating.

In 2020, we significantly redesigned the Commander 3400 and Falcon 3100 models to further advance hardware reliability and the user experience. This post is part of a series introducing our new features. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.