Simpler, Cleaner System Operations for 2020 Trailers MPS 2020 Product Redesign Series - Mobile Pro Systems

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Simpler, Cleaner System Operations for 2020 Trailers
MPS 2020 Product Redesign Series

MPS Simpler Cleaner System Operations

Mobile Pro Systems continues to implement features that make our products easier to use and maintain. Our goal is to ensure that users can focus on deployment and results without operating hassles getting in the way.

LCD Touch Screen Control
This new touch screen display provides more information and now, direct control with feedback for setting up and troubleshooting of the system. The many pages of information now provide almost everything seen on locally.

Soft Shutdown
Our new Soft Shutdown process accomplishes several valuable functions. Foremost, when a system is shutting down, it will shut down any VMS/computer system to gracefully close files which will help maintain the integrity of Windows or Linux operating systems. We also added a hibernate mode. A system that is heading towards depleting the battery charge will end up in this hibernate mode and basically put the system to sleep but keep monitoring the battery conditions and reporting its status to This gives a user the chance to reach into the system and understand what brought the system to this point.

One Switch Operation
Now, you can control your system with one switch to turn on and off the entire system. When the system is turned off the system will automatically activate the soft shutdown functionality, simplifying the operation of the system.

Firmware Remote Updating
Firmware is now updatable through an easy-to-use web interface, allowing the system to maintain the latest in firmware changes.

In 2020, we significantly redesigned the Commander 3400 and Falcon 3100 models to further advance hardware reliability and the user experience. This post is part of a series introducing our new features. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.