Rugged & Ready: New 3100 Falcon Trailer UpdatesMPS 2020 Product Redesign Series - Mobile Pro Systems

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Rugged & Ready: New 3100 Falcon Trailer Updates
MPS 2020 Product Redesign Series

MPS trailers in Saudi Arabia protecting an archaeological dig.
Trailers in Saudi Arabia protecting an archaeological dig.

MPS mobile surveillance products are used around the globe in many different climates and environments. Protecting internal components from excessive heat or other potentially adverse conditions has always been a core design priority. These 2020 product upgrades strengthen our systems’ safeguards even more:

Higher Volume Variable Speed Fan

Maintaining a reasonable temperature around internal hardware is critical for the life of a system. We have updated our systems to include high volume variable speed fan systems. This provides a far greater level of air replacement and circulation, and our new systems add more turbulence around the heat producing hardware to cool it more effectively.

However, fans do require power consumption so we monitor several temperatures, including ambient, to consume the least amount of power by only driving the fans when they’re needed, when they will add a benefit, and only at a speed that conserves the most power.

Air Filtering and Positive Body Pressure

To control dust intrusion in industrial environments, we now pressurize the body of the trailer and supply filtered air with a 600 cfm variable speed fan that also serves to cool the trailer’s interior.

In 2020, we significantly redesigned the Commander 3400 and Falcon 3100 models to further advance hardware reliability and the user experience. This post is part of a series introducing our new features. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.