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MPS Offers a True Camera Trailer Solar Solution

Power on the Move
MPS Offers a True Camera Trailer Solar Solution

It’s common to see solar panels on mobile surveillance trailers. At a minimum, capturing solar energy to recharge batteries will decrease gas or diesel consumption and extend the time between fueling. However, not all camera trailer solar panel systems are created equal. Unlike others, MPS solar panel kits are engineered to optimize the power benefits from solar energy and designed to be nearly effortless to deploy.

Maximum Power and Efficiency

MPS uses 320W solar panels of the highest quality with Grade A dual cell + poly and mono PERC technologies. Solar panels made from PERC solar cells convert sunlight into usable electricity more efficiently than traditional cells and typically perform better in both low-light conditions and high temperatures. Each solar kit includes a professional, commercial grade MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar controller which can convert all the solar electricity voltage possible into useable electricity. MPPT’s maximum conversion efficiency is ideal for areas where conditions could cause wide variations in the amount of sunlight available to the panels.

Fold and Go Deployment System

  • One person can easily deploy the system–no tools required.
  • Durable panels fold face down to protect the surface during transport or when not in use.
  • Convenient slide system allows you to quickly and safely flatten the panels and lock them in place.
  • Solar kit is mounted on a frame and secured to the trailer using special security bolts. This makes the kit theft-resistant and easy to replace if necessary.

Wherever the trailer goes, your solar panel system goes too.

Say goodbye to removing heavy panels before transporting the camera trailer to a new site and then digging in the toolbox to re-mount them.

All MPS solar panel kits are embedded in the top of the trailer along with built-in support bars so they can be easily lifted when you need them or stored flat and secured when you don’t.

This post is the first in the Power on the Move series which takes a deeper dive into how MPS mobile surveillance products regulate power for maximum efficiency and reliability. If you’d like to learn more, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to call us at 952-324-5656.

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