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MPS Commander 3400: Under the Hood

MPS Commander 3400 Under the Hood
The large side access panel locks into place when opened and offers a full view of the interior. A roll-out laptop deck allows you to adjust and view cameras on-site and configure other alarms or scheduled actions directly from the trailer.

The Commander 3400 series surveillance trailer was designed for one-person transport and setup with every detail engineered for ease of use. When you take a look inside, you won’t find a mass of cables and wires patched together, but a neatly arranged setup that wisely uses the space to maximize access to individual components.

Rob Gornick, CEO & Founder, explains, “We design our products for real-world use and have in mind the personnel who use them. We really put ourselves in your shoes and try our best to make everything as simple and clear as possible.”

One of the features unique to the Commander 3400 is the built-in storage racks for cameras and other hardware to protect it during transport from one location to the next deployment. Excessive vibration or shaking caused by unpredictable road conditions can potentially damage cameras and other sensitive components, especially if they were permanently mounted onto the mast. Our tool-less Quick Install bracketing system allows these items to be detached so they can be safely and securely stored inside the trailer until it reaches its destination.

The embedded generator is conveniently housed behind its own panel where it is accessible for routine oil checking and maintenance. When not in use, both side and rear panels can be locked down and the trailer can be optionally armed to detect unauthorized tampering.

“We design our products for real-world use and have in mind the personnel who use them.” —Rob Gornick, CEO & Founder, Mobile Pro Systems

Onan 4000w Generator
The rear panel opens to the generator.

For a closer look at the Commander 3400 operating features and maintenance procedures, please see our online video library. We also invite you to schedule a free live webinar demo at any time: 651-434-2333.