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New Versatile Options for MPS Camera Trailers
More than Mobile: Digital Message Boards

MPS Commander 3400 Camera Trailer with Digital Message Board

MPS camera trailers and surveillance products are the most versatile you can find. These smart platforms can power many useful components such as digital message boards or radar speed signs. Where traffic cameras do not exist or it’s not possible to have on-site crews 24/7, surveillance cameras can be used to monitor situations and then message boards can be adjusted accordingly.

As in camera viewing, digital messages can be controlled and programmed remotely via an internet cloud application. Authorized personnel can fully manage the board and schedule or change messages as required. The sign boards can be attached or detached from the mast as easily as the cameras; and they’re ideal for road construction projects, event venues, vehicle speed monitoring, road blocks or disaster scenes.

Conveniently attach the sign board to a trailer mast with MPS custom brackets, power up and have a sign operating in minutes.

Choose from a variety of options:
  • Commander 3400 or Falcon 3100 Placement
  • Radar Speed Signs
  • Radar Speed + Alert Signs
  • Digital Message Boards
  • Sizes: 12″, 15″, 18″
Message boards fold inward and securely close for compact storage on top or inside the trailer. Boards also stow easily in a vehicle.

Would you like to learn more? Contact us today about these and many more options available for Mobile Pro Systems’ fleet of camera trailers.