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It’s a Wrap for Any Forecast

Video overview of the Commander 3400 Insulation Package option.
As 2020 goes, the Farmer’s Almanac’s extended forecast should come as no surprise. They’re predicting a Winter of the Great Divide: Cold and snowy in the north. Drought in the west. And everything crazy in between. At Mobile Pro Systems we know our equipment is used in a diverse range of climates which may include extreme temperature fluctuations—hot or cold—that can adversely affect batteries and sensitive electronics. That’s why we’ve done all we can to engineer protective options that increase the reliability of our power platforms no matter what the weather may bring to your area.

One of the quality features of the Commander 3400 series trailers is that the batteries are housed at the bottom of the trailer enclosure. This placement not only gives you easy access, it also reinforces thermal protection measures for the electronic hardware. We take that a step further by offering the Insulation Package option for 3400 trailers which serves to protect your batteries and electrical systems in both hot and cold weather conditions.

When a trailer is deployed where it might endure extended periods of time under a hot sun, its internal temperature can rise far beyond ambient temperature and risk negatively affecting the performance of the system’s batteries and electronics. So in addition to the standard high-volume variable speed fan which maintains a hefty volume of air inside the enclosure, we recommend adding the Insulation Package to keep the interior cooler and near ambient temperature.

In cold environments, the most temperature critical item is the batteries. In extended extreme low temperatures, your electronics such as computers and hard drives can also be negatively affected.

With the Insulation Package, everything in the interior is covered within the enclosure. The insulation material is form fitted to all interior surfaces along the body panels including the ceiling and most importantly, the floor. The floor uses a ½” foam panel sandwiched in-between 2 1/8” steel plates and maintains a high-quality base panel with the strength to hold the 1000lbs of batteries. The high “R” value of the foil-covered ½” foam and heat reflective insulated wrapping provides a temperature transition difference to ambient. Insulation is even wrapped around frame sections.

“No other camera trailer on the market provides any protection against the elements.” —Rob Gornick, CEO Mobile Pro Systems

Next up: the Heat Recovery system is another MPS smart feature that keeps internal components warm even when the trailer is deployed in below freezing conditions.

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