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Exploring the Bedrock of MPS Power Technology
Power on the Move

Commander 3400 camera trailer battery banks.
The Commander 3400 camera trailer uses top performing AGM-SLA battery technologies.

Whether it’s a camera trailer, mobile guard shack, tower, pedestal or mounted Power Sentry, the foundation of every MPS product is its power platform. And while supporting a camera system is the core purpose of mobile surveillance, there are many other components that have their own power and connectivity requirements as well. To insure uninterrupted functioning of all devices in a remote setting, it’s imperative that power sourcing be carefully managed and conserved. This is true even if a unit is drawing power from a local electrical source such as a light pole or building.

The battery packs we’ve selected for our power platforms are of the highest quality. For example, in our Commander 3400 camera trailers, we use AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)– SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries which are specifically designed for long term energy storage with a very small internal discharge rate. They can withstand extreme high and low temperatures, making them well-suited to nearly any environment. For MPS Power Sentries, towers and pedestals, we offer a selection of long-lasting lithium-ion or AGM battery packs.

The real key to extending battery life and maximizing efficiency lies in our proprietary MPStatus and Control system which monitors the charging frequency, rates and stages of batteries and can make system adjustments if necessary. Combining the finest batteries available with an internal process to regulate their functioning is what makes MPS products the most reliable, efficient and durable mobile surveillance systems in the field.

This post is the first in the Power on the Move series which takes a deeper dive into how MPS mobile surveillance products regulate power for maximum efficiency and reliability. If you’d like to learn more, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to call us at 952-324-5645.