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St. Paul Public Officials Seek Funds to Reduce Gun Violence

St. Paul public safety officials recently presented a proposal to the City Council that included using public safety funds from the legislature to tackle gun violence. Officials from the city’s Office of Neighborhood Safety, Police Department, EMS, Attorney’s Office, and the Office of Technology and Communications all spoke at the meeting pitching different parts of the plan while emphasizing the common goal of solving cases and fighting gun crime.

For their part of the plan, the Office of Technology and Communications is seeking funds to purchase more mobile surveillance units from Mobile Pro Systems:

“We hope that that can help be a deterrent, a sign that the city is watching, the city is doing something, the city is here to enhance our public safety.” Jaime Wascalus, director and chief information officer of St. Paul’s Office of Technology and Communications.*

More and more cities like St. Paul are realizing the benefits of deploying Mobile Pro Systems camera trailers in their communities. For more information about how our mobile surveillance products can strengthen public safety in your city, call 952-324-5656.

*Renee Cooper KSTP, “St. Paul public safety officials pitch plan to combat growing gun problem”, ABC KSTP-TV, September 20, 2023. See full online article here.