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Clearing the Crime Magnets at Parks and Reserves

Clearing the Crime Magnets at Parks and ReservesThe busy summer season for DNR law enforcement is well underway. Unfortunately, the natural landscape that draws so many visitors also attracts a great deal of illegal activity. Surrounded by dense foliage, clearings and small beaches become the perfect hideaway for drug deals and out-of-control parties. When these areas cause continual problems, officers have had great success deploying Falcon 3100 surveillance trailers to discourage criminal and disorderly behavior.

The Falcon is a compact and agile surveillance platform that’s extremely stable—even on sand. It can be stationed for a few days or a few weeks and then easily moved as necessary. Like its full-sized counterpart, the Falcon supports advanced options such as gunshot detection, motion sensors and a solar panel kit that can extend run-time even further. In addition to remote viewing capabilities, officers can activate two-way audio speakers to communicate directly to individuals near the trailer.

Parks continue to see a rise in visitors each year, while at the same time, they still struggle to keep staffing at adequate levels. The Falcon 3100 is a proven, practical enforcement tool that park rangers can put to work for them in nearly any environment. For more information, call 952-324-5656 today.