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Mobile Pro Hosts 3400 Training for Charles County, Maryland, Sheriff’s Office

Charles County, Maryland, Commemorative Sheriff's Badge
Charles County is the largest full-service sheriff’s office in Maryland located within 50 miles of the heart of Washington, D.C.

Members of the Charles County, Maryland, Sheriff’s Office recently visited Mobile Pro Systems for hands-on training for two Commander 3400 mobile surveillance trailers they acquired in June.  The department obtained the trailers to assist with monitoring public events and for emergency management deployment.

Participants were given a thorough overview of how the trailer operates and practical instruction for safe transport and setup. They had the opportunity to interact with numerous camera features and the MP Status & Control application for remote operation. Most importantly, they were able to ask questions and be shown the ‘how-to’ methods by an experienced instructor.

Training and ongoing product support are essential components of the Mobile Pro customer experience. We strive to equip customers with the knowledge and confidence to benefit from their trailer’s many features and to put it to work for them right away.