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High Marks for High Tech Campus Security

Day to day, institutions of higher learning are teeming with activity as students, faculty and visitors flow through a mix of open grounds and buildings that rival small cities. Campus populations fluctuate considerably given the time of year and can easily swell into the thousands at large stadium or sporting events. Monitoring for suspicious activity requires a high degree of communication among police and security personnel. It’s not surprising that many officials have embraced evolving technologies to assist them in implementing rigorous surveillance and emergency response plans.

Smart phone apps have emerged as a prominent tool for distributing alerts, instructions and updates during crises; but they also allow security personnel to check out complaints via live and recorded mobile surveillance video. Risk assessment can then be made with real-time data which informs decision-making and speeds up response time.

Controlled access to delivery entrances, parking garages or research facilities can reduce unauthorized entries considerably. For example, the MPS Gate Sentry and Sentinel can be configured with card readers, two-way audio/voice systems or keypads.

Maintaining a visible law enforcement presence also promotes a strong sense of security and safety within the campus community. Strategically deployed mobile surveillance trailers clearly marked with police insignia convey that coordinated security measures are firmly in place. The Commander 3400, for example, can be moved periodically to assess locations which might be vulnerable to crime incidents. Its smart design allows it to be repositioned quickly and easily to accommodate the logistics of special events or gatherings the college may be hosting.

Mobile Pro Systems works with campus law enforcement professionals to provide the best solutions, training and support in the mobile surveillance business. Learn more here or call 651-434-2333.