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Commander 3400 Aids UMPD Campus Investigation

Commander 3400 Aids UMPD Campus InvestigationA UMPD 3400 mobile surveillance trailer is helping University of Minnesota police investigate disturbing reports of a person who entered university residence halls in recent weeks and tried using a cell phone to film students as they showered. The incidents occurred late at night and are deeply concerning to students who now worry about their personal safety in a place that is their home away from home.

The story was covered on local news stations* where U of M Police Chief Matt Clark explained how surveillance footage from campus security cameras was being shared with other metro agencies in an effort to identify the suspect. UMPD has acquired several Commander 3400 surveillance trailers from Mobile Pro Systems to deploy on campus as part of their security program. When concerning incidents arise, the trailers can be deployed where they’re needed, quickly, to monitor situations and assure the campus community that extra security measures are being taken.

To learn more about Mobile Pro Systems’ surveillance solutions for campus security, call 651-434-2333 today.
*Lou Raguse, “U of M police search for ‘person of interest’ in dorm shower peeping investigation”, KARE11, October 25 & updated October 26, 2021. See full online article here.