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City Shores Up Public Trust with MPS Camera Trailer

MPS 3400 at Minnesota Beach

The Lakeside Commons Park beach in Blaine, Minnesota, had barely opened this June when the calls and complaints started. Families who were eager to experience outdoor fun on Sunrise Lake were reporting fights, unruly behavior, excessive littering and other activity that threatened to spoil the lakefront amenity so many had come to enjoy. Some of the calls involved violent outbreaks that made surrounding residents uneasy and worried. With dozens of homes winding around the lake, homeowners were concerned that if the situation worsened, their properties would be targeted for theft and vandalism.

Working together, the City Council and law enforcement team quickly enacted a plan to combat the disruption. One of the first measures the Blaine PD took was to set up an MPS Commander 3400 camera trailer to monitor beachfront activity and have a highly visible police presence in view at all times. This immediate response, combined with extra patrolling and an coordinated focus on the area, worked quickly to defuse problems at the park. Decisive action by law enforcement to keep the area family-friendly and safe has received strong public support from area residents.

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