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Brooklyn Center PD Introduces Camera Trailer to Community

Brooklyn Center PD Introduces Camera Trailer to CommunityBrooklyn Center residents gathered to see their city’s new mobile camera trailer and to meet the community partners that helped acquire the crime-fighting tool from Mobile Pro Systems. The unveiling was the result of a year-long effort headed by the Brooklyn Center Crime Prevention Association to address a high number of retail and vehicle thefts that were occurring in and around a popular shopping center.

In their announcement, Brooklyn Center PD explained the trailer would not replace officers patrolling the area. Instead, the camera trailer allows on-duty officers to check on the mall more frequently via a live video feed. The trailer’s platform also integrates other technologies that officers can use to help them respond to incidents and investigate crime.

“Mobile camera systems allow for maximizing existing peace officer resources because officers cannot be stationary, in one dedicated spot, all the time. This new mobile camera trailer is state of the art with build out capabilities allowing for future modification, additions, and growth as technology continues to evolve.” —Brooklyn Center PD Public Announcement

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