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A Falcon of Their Own

Training for MPS Falcon 3100 in Eugene, Oregon.
Mobile Pro Systems recently conducted on-site Falcon 3100 training for the Parks and Open Space division of Eugene, Oregon, law enforcement.

There’s no doubt the Guardian Trailers program put in place in Eugene, Oregon, last year has been a resounding success.* So much so, that the Parks & Open Space division began to borrow the Falcon 3100 camera trailer whenever they could. When availability became an issue, the city obtained a Falcon 3100 for Parks & Open Space to deploy as a dedicated unit and had MPS conduct an on-site training to bring extra officers up to speed on all the features of their new Falcon.

The division deploys the Falcon to curb inappropriate use of public spaces and deter crime. They are very pleased to have a full-time camera trailer that assists them in maintaining Eugene’s beautiful parks as places for everyone to enjoy.

*Sydny Shepard, “Oregon City Sees Drop in Crime After Installation of Security Cams”, Security Today, May 17, 2019.  See full online article here.