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Building Boom Fuels Black Market

In today’s market, building materials are a hot commodity. Lengthy lead times and labor shortages are squeezing supply chains at every point. Criminals are rushing to fuel a thriving black market and they are succeeding. The cost of recovering and replacing stolen goods plus the resulting downtime has always taken a bite out of a project’s bottom line, but now the stakes could not be higher.

With MPS mobile surveillance you have more options to actively defend your job sites and deter intruders before they have a chance to walk away with your profits. Our surveillance trailers, pole or wall mounted camera systems, towers, pedestals and mobile guard shacks are smart platforms engineered to power a wide range of devices so you can customize your equipment with the features you need. Some of these include:

  •  Top quality cameras – PTZ, Fixed, IR, Thermal, LPR
  •  Bright LED lighting options
  •  One or two-way audio systems
  •  Motion sensors on board and remote
  •  Bold deterrents such as flashing lights, alarms and prerecorded warning messages.

Contractors can even create a sitewide security plan using multiple MPS products and link them to work as one group with our exclusive Defense System. What sets MPS apart is our products are designed to leverage the latest surveillance technologies to deliver the most proactive defense you can find.

For more information about how Mobile Pro Systems can help you add building site surveillance to defend your materials and equipment, call 952-324-5645 today.