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Setting the Stage for Disaster Recovery Missions

Setting the Stage for Disaster Recovery Missions

Storm and wildfire seasons are getting longer and more devastating each year. Each event can leave thousands of people without water and electricity or displaced from severely damaged homes. Dealing with the widespread disruption of essential services requires extraordinary coordination among local, state and federal agencies.

One of the most successful ways to get people help quickly is the staging site—a location where equipment, materials and supplies are stocked and ready to be used in restoration and rebuilding efforts. In the case of hurricanes, advance notice allows staging areas to be set up beforehand so electrical crews are ready to be dispatched once the storm has passed. MPS mobile surveillance products can play an important role in securing these sites by supplying the portable technology needed by disaster recovery teams.

The MPS CheckPoint, shown above, is a mobile guard station which can be deployed at a staging site or laydown yard. Automated barrier arms on either side of the unit create instant traffic control for incoming and outgoing vehicles and equipment. The enclosure houses a comfortable workstation for guards with built-in electrical power for laptops, radios and charging stations. Cameras and lights mounted on an electric mast add 24/7 video monitoring and much needed area lighting at night. Unlike other guard shacks, the MPS CheckPoint is permanently mounted to a trailer base. If the staging site needs to relocate, it can be hitched to a pickup and easily towed wherever it needs to go.


Commander 3400 and Falcon 3100 camera trailers deployed at humanitarian aid distribution centers, shelters or field hospitals help agencies manage large numbers of people seeking safety and relief.

All these units are self-powered platforms designed to operate in remote locations where power may be extremely limited. They’re trailer mounted for rapid deployment and setup. Smart engineering allows many technologies to be integrated in one system including communications and networks.

Securing staging locations is vital to every disaster recovery mission. MPS mobile platforms with surveillance, lighting and communications capabilities are important tools any emergency response team can use. For more information, call 952-324-5656 today.

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