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MPS Introduces LRAD Option 
More than Mobile: Long Range Acoustic Hailing Device

There’s no question Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices (LRAD) save lives. The need to clear a dangerous area quickly or direct crowds where to find help is an important part of emergency response and crowd control.  Because MPS camera trailers are often on the front line, they now have an LRAD emergency management option that can be set up on the fly and at the ready when needed.

P.A. and Mass Notification in One System

  • Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  • Audio output quickly and easily modulated
  • Comes standard with LRAD’s hardened MP3 Controller/ Player for recording, storing and
    playing back messages
  • All-weather microphone also records and plays back messages on the fly
Easily attach LRAD to camera trailer’s mid-mast when needed. Remove and store securely inside trailer enclosure for safe transport (custom rack optional).
To learn more about how camera trailers from Mobile Pro Systems can assist emergency management teams using LRAD and other features, call 651-434-2333.