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More Communities Face the Impact of Natural Disasters

More Communities Face the Impact of Natural Disasters

When hurricane Ida recently swept into the northeast United States, communities there were not prepared for the torrential rain and tornadoes which caused deadly flooding and property damage.  In a similar way, wildfires out West have been breaking out and burning through northern regions that are rarely exposed to “megafires.”  These seasonal events are starting sooner, lasting longer and happening with greater frequency. The number of cities and towns that are threatened is increasing by the year.

Raging fires and devastating floods displace residents and leave catastrophic damage in their wakes. While rescue and recovery are the first priorities of any emergency response team, the days and weeks following a natural disaster add tremendous challenges for law enforcement as local agencies have to prioritize many demands for their services.

When all hands are on deck managing multiple developing situations, smart platforms from Mobile Pro Systems integrate with communications networks to assist emergency teams in coordinating their response.

Camera surveillance allows command centers to monitor scenes and see what’s happening in real time.

Restoration and rebuilding efforts present their own security challenges as equipment and materials are vulnerable to theft on remote sites.

MPS offers a variety of innovative products for both public and private organizations who are tasked with putting the pieces back together following a disaster.

Our mobile platforms can be used to help secure entry or exit points, deter intruders from getting near valuable assets needed to repair and rebuild infrastructure, and provide security personnel access to live or recorded video of activity.

All units are easy to move as needed allowing contractors great flexibility in their deployment.

For more information about how MPS mobile surveillance products can strengthen your community’s emergency response and recovery plan, call 952-324-5656 today.

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