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Strong Construction Site Security Could Save Millions

The Contractor 3400 stands guard 24/7 near a main entrance to a large residential construction site.

Open, unguarded sites, especially on nights and weekends, are easy targets for thieves who are always looking for an opportunity. The high cash value for stolen equipment, copper and other metals on the black market is lucrative enough. But when the risk of detection and arrest appear to be very low, a poorly secured site (if secured at all) is just too tempting to pass up.

“The average estimated value of a stolen piece of equipment is $29,258.”

NER/NICB Joint Alliance

According to the NER & NICB 2016 Equipment Theft Report, industries using heavy equipment suffer at least $300 million annually in theft losses. This figure does not include losses from stolen tools, building materials, downtime or damage caused to property during a theft. And most unfortunately, the recovery rates of stolen property are very, very low–around 21%.

Security guides have long advised putting up fences, enforcing locked storage for tools and keys, registering equipment, and maintaining up-to-date inventory records. All of these measures certainly help, but nothing speaks louder to criminals than prominently displayed surveillance cameras near a site’s main entrance.

The Contractor 3400 camera trailer from Mobile Pro’s Commander series is full-sized and meant to attract attention. Its large frame supports a towering 33’ adjustable mast fitted with camera and lighting assemblies that criminals can’t ignore. When deployed close to parked equipment and materials, the unit can be armed with motion sensors that set off strong deterrents meant to startle intruders and disrupt unwanted activity. Using long range wireless technology, the trailer can also serve as a base for additional motion detectors placed near perimeter fencing or other exposed areas. This option greatly expands the ability to reinforce security at a site in a flexible and cost-effective way.

For more info, see Mobile Pro Systems’ surveillance solutions for construction or call us at 952-324-5656 today.

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