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Mobile Pro Systems Partners with PSA

MPS Partners with PSA

We are very pleased to announce that PSA, the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators, added Mobile Pro Systems to its network on June 9, 2020. With this new partnership, PSA customers will have access to all MPS power-based hybrid platforms which utilize network-based video cameras, video management and recording systems, wireless mesh, cellular communications, solar power and video analytics as fully integrated remote surveillance solutions.

Mobile Pro Systems has professionally engineered purpose-built systems that include the basics and add smart technologies which provide dependability for years of successful operation. Our goal is to provide the user with the optimal mobile surveillance solution. We look forward to serving PSA members and providing them with the most advanced mobile surveillance and power platforms available today.

“Mobile Pro Systems’ technology is a great addition to the PSA’s line card. They provide flexible and mobile solutions for powering security, network and communications technologies.”—Tim Brooks, PSA Vice President of Sales and Vendor Management